Spirit Led, Faithful Church Leaders

Second Baptist Church of El Paso Texas has been labeled as the “Mother Church of Black Churches of the Baptist Faith” since it was the first Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas that welcomed Black American membership. It was organized in the summer of 1884 when a state missionary from the Baptist Home Mission Board of New York, the Rev. E. M. Griggs of Dallas, Texas was sent to establish Baptist churches in the far West Texas area where Black Americans could worship.

E. M. Griggs, D.D., Minister--Financier--Race Advocate--Indefatigable Worker
E. M. Griggs, D.D.

Texas Baptist, El Pasoans Legacy

The first members of the church where: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pollard, Thomas Gaines, Calvin Neal and George Duval under the leadership of Rev. Griggs. The first home of Second Baptist Church was a small one-room adobe house on South Stanton Street between San Antonio and Overland Streets which they rented. The temporary Pastor, Rev. Griggs, then secured the services of Rev. C. W. Davis to organize the members as a regular Missionary Baptist Church and to secure an ordained minister as their Pastor. It was in 1886 that the Home Mission Board donated to the church a building in Ysleta, Texas and it was removed to El Paso and placed on the Church site on Utah Street (now Mesa Ave.) A building campaign in 1888 was launched for a larger house of worship. A loan of $400.00 was secured through First Baptist Church of El Paso to build a new frame building at 515 Utah Street. The balance was secured from many early El Pasoans including the Newman’s, the Crosby’s, the Magoffin, the Campbell’s the Moorhead’s, Mr. Nafe, Mrs. Hodge, Mrs. Freeman, Mr. Putnam and many other El Pasoans of various racial backgrounds.

Spirit Moving, God Gives Increase

The Church progressed in membership, service to the El Paso community and in assets. Under the pastorate of Rev. J. T. Hill, 1903-1907, a new brick church as erected at 401 South Virginia Street for $25,000.00. The First Baptist Church of El Paso assisted in securing funds for this edifice. It has now been designated as an historical site and is listed in the El Paso Historical Registry since November 17, 1981.

There were several improvements in 1917, 1923, 1944, and 1949. After the Church was almost destroyed by fire in 1969, during the pastorate of Rev. L. B. Adams (1952-1970), the church building was restored. The parsonage at 615 Tornillo (now Nina Aguilera) was sold and a new parsonage at 5804 Dolphin Street was purchased during the ministry of Rev. Parramore. Rev. Albert Smith was the Pastor when the bus ministry was initiated. It was during the pastorate of Rev. John Redic that the parking lot was purchased adjacent to the church. A youth choir, directed by Mrs. Nick Mathis was outstanding from 1967-1972 and youth activities under the leadership of Mrs. Glen Sauls were exceptionally viable during the pastorate of Rev. Redic. The Pastor from approximately 1988-2009 was Rev. Dr. James Brockington. Rev. Dr. Thelma Brockington served as the interim pastor from 2009-2011 and was assisted by Rev. Amelia Elmore. Rev. William James Perkins served as pastor from 2011-2014.

Rev. Amelia Elmore is now serving as the current pastor. She is the first woman to pastor Second Baptist Church in its 132 year History. She is currently one of four women to pastor a Baptist Church in the state of Texas according to the Directory-female-women- pastored- churches/by Jeremiah Gibbs. According to Baptist News Global there are only 150 women who are pastors in Baptist Churches in the United States at the present time.

Faithful God, Continual Blessings

Many former and present members of Second Baptist Church contributed most of their lives to its development. We will always pay tribute to the many faithful members and friends and entreaty the Almighty God to honor their efforts by blessing our church today and we are praying it will grow and continue to serve our community with praises to the Most High God from whom all blessings flow.